Basic Guide


릴리세Ol버Tank1st row 1st
호라이산 카구야Spell caster1st row 2nd
나나야 시키meele DD1st row 3rd
이스트와르AOE caster2nd row 1st
카자미 유카Buffer2nd row 2nd
느와르Range DD2nd row 3rd
오시노 시노부meele DD3rd row 1st
토키사키 쿠루미Summoner3rd row 2nd
사이교우지 유유코De Buffer3rd row 3rd


Top Left

  • Area portal shop

  • Bottom Left
  • Starter shop
  • Pot shop
  • Lv.1-250 Weapon shop
  • Lv.250-500 Weapon shop
  • Lv.1-250 Armor shop
  • Lv.250-500 Armor shop
  • Raid shop

  • Top Right
  • Lv.1000-5000 Weapon shop
  • Lv.1000-5000 2nd Weapon shop
  • Lv.1000-5000 Armor shop
  • Lv.1000-5000 2nd Armor shop

  • Commands

    -cam 50-200 ━ zoom out or in
    -귀환 ━ return to spawn
    -dice ━ dice a randome nummber out of 0-100
    -suicide ━ kill yourself
    -clean ━ cleans all items on ground
    -cancel ━ cancels clean command

    Item rating

    Low to Best

    yellow< gray< purple< Orange< Green< Red< Blue

    Unifont Reforged


    Go to this side and follow the instructions: