Soulstone Guide

To Upgrade the Soul you need the Soulstone of the Bosses listed below, and also a Fuison-scroll
With both inside the Heros Inventory you need to enter the following command "-조합"

SoulStatsWhereScroll type
1st10 all stats1st Priest QuestFuison-scroll
2nd30 all statsLv.10 DungeonFuison-scroll
3rd80 all statsLv.45 DungeonFuison-scroll
4th150 all statsLv.95 DungeonFuison-scroll
5th250 all statsLv.135 DungeonFuison-scroll
6th350 main statsLv.200 DungeonAdvanced Fuison-scroll
7thxxx main stats6th Town ArchimondeAdvanced Fuison-scroll


Soulstones can be enchantet if they are 6th grade or higher.
To enchantet them you need to get a Rune and a enchantment-scroll.
enchantment-scrolls have the possibility to fail if you don't get the High grade one.

The enchantments are the following. You can only get 1 enchantment on your solestone so choose wisely

  • +x Allstats
  • +x% Str
  • +x Int
  • +x Dmg
  • +x Hp

  • Soulstone Shop
    To get to the Shop you need to enter the Forest East of the 2nd Town, and enter this Tent that is locadet behind the 2nd Boss.

    Inside the Soulstone Shop you can buy Fuison-scrolls that allow you to enhance your Soulstone.

    3.000g = Fuison-scroll
    20.000g = Advanced Fuison-scroll
    3.000g = low enchantment-scroll
    8.000g = enchantment-scroll
    20.000g = High enchantment-scroll