Basic Guide

There is not much to say about the characters.
They start the adventure with the same model, there are four races and each has 2 different Classes
All chars have a Book/Skill Menu (letter V).
The Hero cant carry pots, just the Bag can carry and use pots (HP / MP Pots)

Your Backpack is a temporary inventory. (it doesn't save)
It will be used to craft and upgrade Crafting gear.
You can summon your bag with "ESC" it'll stay with you for a bit and then go back.
Just Bag can carry Pots. In the Bag Area there is a Lady, she sells 3 things.
Every 15 min a Lucky Box appears in the Bag Area, pick it up and use it to open it.
The Lucky Box can have 3 different items: Lumber / Gold / Accessory.

Unifont Reforged


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