Quest Guide

Step 1: Talk with Farmer. (Lv.6 area)
Step 2: Go to Lv.18 cave (behind Hellhound in Lv.6 area), search near the trees at the end of the dungeon.
Step 3: Report back to Farmer.
Step 4: After you talk with him, after ~180 second, he'll kill himself.
You recieve as a reward: 300 gold.

Step 1: Talk with Priest near exit/entrance of the First Town. (Near Mage with teleport scrolls)
Step 2: Kill a Ruler of The Beasts (cave behind Hellhound in Lv.6 area)
Step 3: Return to Priest.
You recieve as a reward: 400 gold.

Step 1: Talk with Yellow Man (Sigmund & He's a cook) in the First Town.
Step 2: Get 재료 : 눈꽃 버섯 (Snow Mushroom) from Lv.20 Snow Area in the First Zone, Kill wolfs.
Step 3: Return to Yellow Man. He'll ask you to gather: 재료 : 소고기 (Beef), 재료 : 소금 (Salt), 재료 : 채소 (Vegetables), 재료 : 플라누 잎사귀 (Flannel leaf)
You can buy them from traders in the second town. Salt, Leaf, Vegetables - Undead Worker, Beef - Orc Worker.
Step 4: Return to Yellow Man.
You recieve as a reward: 5 Sigmund's Special Dish (Potion) - Restores 5000 health points.

Step 1: Talk with Uther in the first town
Step 2: Talk with Elf Worker near Uther
Step 3: Kill Banshee (Lv.60 area behind Marine-Orc)
Step 4: Return to Elf Worker
You receive as a reward: 2x Knights (Summon consumable), 200 gold & Item + 20 ALL STATS, +30 DMG, +3 ARMOR

Step 5: Talk with Uther
Step 6: Talk with Elf Worker
Step 7: Kill King of the Frozen Palace(Lv.110 Area behind Lich)
Step 8: Talk with Uther
You recieve as a reward: 400 gold | Item = +45 ALL STATS, +30 DMG, +5 ARMOR | Shield/Armor (?) = +22 ARMOR.

Step 9: Lady of the Abyss spawns on King of the Frozen Palace spot
Step 10: Talk with statue in the first town
You recieve a weapon: Keep it, it will be used when you enter Frozen Palace.

Step 11: Go to Frozen Palace, where Lady of the Abyss resides & Kill her
You recieve as a reward: Item +500 DMG, +15 ARMOR, 2 Passives: 50% chance to deal 1500 damage to target & Your attacks reduce target's armor by 6.

Step 1: Speak with Footman from First Town
Step 2: enter the Lv.82 Dungeon behinde the Tree Lv.38
Step 3: After Lava Turtle, kill Dragon
Step 4: Report back to Footman.
You recieve as a reward: 700 gold.

Step 1: Talk with Man near burned house. (Golem T2 Lv.120)
Step 2: You have to find a corpse/bones of his sister in this area. You can find it in a small lake.
Step 3: Report back to Man.
You recieve as a reward: 400g

Step 1: Speak with Muradin in the Second Town.
Step 2: Speak with the Guard to the right from circle.
Step 3: Go to dungeon (behind Ogre T2 Lv.70), you can find skeleton near top right rocks, step on it.
Step 4: You receive 3 items. Only book is required to complete this quest.
Step 5: Report back to Muradin.
Reward from corpse: 2x Giant Fruit (재료 : 거대 므스루 열매)

Step 1: Talk Tow times to the Elf wo stands in front of the sature in the Second Town
Step 2: Talk to the Left Soldier in mid in the Town
Step 3: He run away, just wait of his return. He'll give you a "strange knife"(You must have this "strange knife" in your inventory)
Step 4: Kill the Treeboss in the Lv.180 area (If you are in a city, go to the Mage and buy the Lv.180 scroll)
Step 5: The Elf teleports to you, spare or kill him Rewards SPARE = +2400 gold & Knife +500 damage KILL = 15 armor, 50% mp regen. (2 passives: 1: Reduces magical damage from enemies by 15%. 2: Every 25 seconds blocks spell.)

Step 1: Talk with the Necromancer multiple times(Lv.200 Area Mammotharea)
Step 2: Go and talk with big slime that blocks entrance
Step 3: Kill Kobold (end of the Lv.120 Area in third Town, opens the Portal to the Satyr)
Step 4: Return to Necromancer & Talk with him
You recieve as a reward: random +30 Int/Agi/Str or all stats +10

Step 1: Speak with guard near entrance to Lv.100 area from third town.
Step 2: Enter, go to closed gates near two upper collumns.
Step 3: Speak with Woman. She likes to run around, usually near fountain.
Step 4: Speak with Kid. (near bookshelves)
Step 5: Go to too locked gates near collumns from Step 2, enter a cellar.
Step 6: Go to strange monument.
Step 7: Exit cellar, go to bottom statue (Run around it untill you get YELLOW message)
Step 8: Return to stange monument.
Step 9: Speak with the Lord of this castle, soon he'll go to the cellar follow him here. Finish him.
Step 10: Speak with Kid, same as in Step 9.
Step 11: Speak with Woman, same as in Step 9 & 10.
You recieve as a reward: Black Sword - DMG +1500, (First Passive: 10% chance to stun enemies for 0.5 seconds and deal 10000 physical damage. Second Passive: Poisons enemy for 3 seconds. Deals 2000 damage per second, reducing attack speed and movementspeed by 10%.

    Step 1: Talk with Elf 2 times. You can find him near broken cart with wheat. (Rift Zone)
    Step 2: You need to persuade couple at Farm. Talk with Farmer.
    Step 3: Now you need to choose: To help him or you can report him to guards, because maybe he's a drug dealer...
  • HELP: Talk to Farmer again. After this, go back to Elf and talk with him. He'll give you 15 lumber. (He'll depart after ~60 seconds. After he departs from this area, he'll come back soon to kill Farmer, his Wife & Guard)
  • REPORT: Report him to nearby guard. They still die

Step 1: Talk with Excavation Leader. he is in the Rift zone near the Viking cave Lv.600
Step 2: You need 100000 gold, after you gather enough gold, talk to Erison. Wait ~30 seconds
You recieve as a reward: Lich Dungeon Lv.1000(you need it to get T5)

Step 1: Talk with Arthas. He is in the second town from Rift Zone.
Step 2: Left the town to the east-side go to Elf Worker near water, buy & use a ticket.
Step 3: Enter the dungeon & destroy boneyard.
Step 4: Talk with Girl 2 times. She'll wait you in the village.
Step 5: Talk with Girl 2 times again.
Step 6: Left the town to the east-side and walk to the east cost, enter now the Dungeon like before and go to the Pit above the castle on this island.
You recieve as a reward: the secret path to boss
Step 7: Kill 2 guards near the gate and get a key from one of them to open the gate. Now you need to kill Kavsnix the Vampire.
Step 8: Lanbela will teleport to this area after you defeat the boss.
You recieve as a reward: nothing just the normal Dungeon loot (To unseal the loot go to Jaina in the village)