Soul Guide

The Soul gives Allstats and is an important item in this game,
you will need it to enter Rift-Zone and some Tier-ups.
Upgrading it is really simple, just walk to the Clockwork-goblin
with your Soul and the next Soul/material,
he will upgrade your Soul to the next tier.

  • Elf Prist (fallen Saint) Lv.1
  • Hellhound (Beast King Rudon) Lv.6
  • Doom Guard (Flame Demon) Lv.12
  • Yeti (Destroyer in a cold man) Lv.20
  • Marine-Orc (City Manager Dod) Lv.28
  • Tree (Monster that is burning) Lv.38
  • Lich (White Snowy Wizard) Lv.48

  • Ogre (Giant Family Tree Invitation) T2 Lv.70
  • Druit (Elder of the Fallen Wood Elves) T2 Lv.90

  • Golem (Golem Manipulator) T2 Lv.120
  • Kobold (Infinite Oblivion) T2 Lv.142
  • Pit Lord (Watcher of Underworld) T2 Lv.200
  • Voidwalker (Despair of the Wicked) T2 Lv.300
  • Zergling (Desert Slaughterer) T2 Lv.370

  • Red Soulstone = Stone panel + Tornado + Witchdoctor + Zergling Soul
  • (Stone Panel drops from Druid in the Lv.550 area that requires the Rusty key from Golem (blue item) to enter)

  • Spirit Soulstone = Spirit + Red Soulstone
  • (Spirit drops in the Lv.400 Cave inside the Rift, this is the area behind Druid that needs lvl 800 and the Red Soulstone to enter)
  • Soulkey = Piece of Time + Spirit Soulstone(+1500 all stats)
  • (Piece of time Drops from Viking, he must be summoned in his Cave (Lv.600) you will need the 4 pieces of his Body drops from wendigos outside his cave and his head the head is inside the cave)

  • Chaos Soul = Chaos essence + Soulkey
  • (Chaos essence drops from the Tier 5 boss / this key is the item you need to tier up)

    Immortal Soul = Piece of eternity + Chaos Soul
    (Piece of eternity drops from "The incarnation of Gladid Mephlon", enter Tomb zone kill both lv. 1800 bosses and go ahead to the Lv.2000 port and kill boss inside. after killing this boss next portal appear Lv.2500)