Tier Guide

Required: Lv.3000

In order to aquire this character, you must have a lvl 3000 beginner.
After you grind to lvl 3000, go to the area where you buy stats. Click the shopkeeper and buy a "수상한 조각" for 100 lumber. After doing so, walk into the lightning where you would tier up while holding the item.

She is an auto-attack based champion.

  • Q Skill: Increase attack speed by (skill level * 10%) for 6 seconds
  • W Skill: Decrease enemy target's accuracy by 50% and movement speed by35% for 7 seconds
  • Passive 1: Skill level * 15% chance to do 2x damage
  • Passive 2: Health regen is increased by 600% and movement speed is increased by 40%
  • Passive 3: 30% Evasion(under V)
Note: If you die in the game playing as the new character, she will NOT respawn (you only have one life). However you can still save and load her codes.

Required: Lv.10

In the Lv.6 area, the lvl 10 boss (left side) drops your tier up book, take it to the lightning beam (this spot works for all tiers)

  • 낮선 길 = Elf
  • 어둠의 길 = Undead
  • 인간 - 또다른 길 = Human female
  • 인간의 길 = Human male

  • Required: Lv.90
    Total Stats: 500

    Lv.28 area (marine boss) has 2 portals, go inside the lvl 32 portal and walk down towards the "500" lightning. T2 boss has 320k hp.

  • 마법사 = Wizard
  • 성냐 = Priest

  • Undead:
  • 악마 = Dreadlord
  • 언데드 = Undead Knight

  • Human male:
  • 첨식자 = Eraser (Tank)
  • 전사 = Warrior (Off Tank)

  • Human female:
  • 선각자 = Gunner
  • 무인 = Soldier

  • Required: Lv.700
    Total Stats: 9000

    At the end of Lv.200 area from the third town, behind the Voidwalker boss there's a portal for the T3 boss.

    Race items:(Boss drop 9000 area)

    • Human Female = 생명의 보옥
    • Undead = 죽음의 보옥
    • Human Male = 활력의 보옥
    • Elf = 마력의 보옥

    Class items:
  • Gunner = 차원의 정수 (Drops from the Totem, to get there use the portal for T2 boss)
  • Soldier = 백천군의 역량 (Mini Boss (Rexxar) Armor drop Lv.260 Dungeon) -> Bring it to the golems in the Observatory inside this dungeon
  • Dreadlord = 영혼의 정수 (Drops from Voidwalkerboss in the Lv.300 area)
  • Deathknight = 죽은자의 야망 (Get the 2 different Flags from Ice Castle Dungeon Lv.110 and fuse them the same way as Soul)
  • Warrior = 전장의 빛 (Take the T3 item to the Elf Prist in the Lv.1 area, kill the spawning Infernal to get the Item)
  • Eraser = 사악한 만찬 (Combine 재료: 끔찍한 고깃덩이, (Demonlords in 400 area), 재료: 플라누 잎사귀, 4th Barrel from the Acolyte in the third town and 재료: 활력의 가루, 5th Barrel from the Acolyte in the third town.)
  • Priest = 정화된 정령수 (Walk with the Race item to the Fountain near the Druid boss in the Lv.90 area)
  • Wizard = 고독한 반지 (Kill Banshees and get their green drop in the Lv.142 area behind the Golem boss)

  • Required: Lv.1200
    Total Stats: 22000

    Enter the Portal after killing the Druid boss in Lv.550 area ->You need the Soul Stone to enter, to make it you need the Tornado, Witchdoctor and Druid boss drops to upgrade the Zerg soul (700 stats item)
    Then speak 3 times (use yellow skill in "V") with the Acolyte near a Fireplace (4th town) he will sell a potion that teleports you to the Boss area (must use with your hero)
    • 의지의 씨앗 = Human female
    • 파멸의 씨앗 = Undead
    • 구원의 씨앗 = Human male
    • 신비한 씨앗 = Elf

    Required: Lv.3000
    Total Stats: 80000

    Kill all 3 Lich bosses to open the Gate behind the Gatekeeper, then you can enter the Bossroom (if you get his material you can upgrade the Soul Stone from 2k stats to 4k stats)
    You need the 4k Soul Stone to Tier up

    Required: Lv.5000
    Total Stats: 120000

    get the "Immortal Soul" and enter with it the Portal Zone, if you are there take the 4th portal that will lead you to the library, here you get your T6 item the book from one of three Bookshelves