Patch Notes

Version: 3.8
  • Implementation of the sixth Tier
  • Some quest script changes
  • Change some item descriptions
  • Fixed some skill notation errors

Version: 3.9
  • Correction of crack due to compression of whole model (character and monster look)
  • Eraser T6, Warrior T6, Priest T6 Skill count adjustment and Kooltime error correction
  • Unattended 3 ~ 6 basic attack rate slightly reduced and increased base damage
  • Increase 6th skill factor and adjust range of skill effect
  • New flesh of level 1000 and above can be admitted to the stutt area.
  • Event commemorative event to attain 3000 café members soon: Add special ex-wanderer (Secret Class)
  • Edit some item descriptions
  • Some terrain changes
  • Shortened reg-time of field boss monsters

Version: 4.0F
  • Creation of new special zone "Record of Knowledge"
  • Create a new special boss "Sage of Greed Fruit Course"
  • Added 6 new items
  • Added a "Flow of Cleansing" to the Priest T6 D skill, removing all buffs in a certain area
  • In the "mural" dimension, you can challenge more powerful opponents and gain additional experience if you win.
  • Update Help (F9)
  • "Soul of Greed Furukosu" From the boss, only the player who gave damage beyond the specified damage can learn to drop items
  • Fixed some notation errors

Version 4.1F fixes some errors.
Please report any problems or errors.